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Villeroy _AND_ Boch 2morrowVilleroy & Boch 2morrow Villeroy _AND_ Boch AmadeaVilleroy & Boch Amadea Villeroy _AND_ Boch AqualoopVilleroy & Boch Aqualoop Villeroy _AND_ Boch ArchitecturaVilleroy & Boch Architectura Villeroy _AND_ Boch AveoVilleroy & Boch Aveo Villeroy _AND_ Boch Basin WastesVilleroy & Boch Basin Wastes Villeroy _AND_ Boch BellevueVilleroy & Boch Bellevue Villeroy _AND_ Boch Central LineVilleroy & Boch Central Line Villeroy _AND_ Boch CetaVilleroy & Boch Ceta Villeroy _AND_ Boch CetusVilleroy & Boch Cetus Villeroy _AND_ Boch ColoradoVilleroy & Boch Colorado Villeroy _AND_ Boch EvanaVilleroy & Boch Evana Villeroy _AND_ Boch Five SensesVilleroy & Boch Five Senses Villeroy _AND_ Boch Frame To FrameVilleroy & Boch Frame To Frame Villeroy _AND_ Boch FuturionVilleroy & Boch Futurion Villeroy _AND_ Boch HommageVilleroy & Boch Hommage Villeroy _AND_ Boch JoyceVilleroy & Boch Joyce Villeroy _AND_ Boch La BelleVilleroy & Boch La Belle Villeroy _AND_ Boch LegatoVilleroy & Boch Legato Villeroy _AND_ Boch LibraVilleroy & Boch Libra Villeroy _AND_ Boch LifetimeVilleroy & Boch Lifetime Villeroy _AND_ Boch Loop _AND_ FriendsVilleroy & Boch Loop & Friends Villeroy _AND_ Boch LuxxusVilleroy & Boch Luxxus Villeroy _AND_ Boch MeanderVilleroy & Boch Meander Villeroy _AND_ Boch MementoVilleroy & Boch Memento Villeroy _AND_ Boch Metric ArtVilleroy & Boch Metric Art Villeroy _AND_ Boch Mood LineVilleroy & Boch Mood Line Villeroy _AND_ Boch More To SeeVilleroy & Boch More To See Villeroy _AND_ Boch My ArtVilleroy & Boch My Art Villeroy _AND_ Boch My NatureVilleroy & Boch My Nature Villeroy _AND_ Boch My ViewVilleroy & Boch My View Villeroy _AND_ Boch NexionVilleroy & Boch Nexion Villeroy _AND_ Boch NexusVilleroy & Boch Nexus Villeroy _AND_ Boch O.NovoVilleroy & Boch O.Novo Villeroy _AND_ Boch OberonVilleroy & Boch Oberon Villeroy _AND_ Boch Omnia ArchitecturaVilleroy & Boch Omnia Architectura Villeroy _AND_ Boch Omnia ClassicVilleroy & Boch Omnia Classic Villeroy _AND_ Boch PaviaVilleroy & Boch Pavia Villeroy _AND_ Boch Pure StoneVilleroy & Boch Pure Stone Villeroy _AND_ Boch ReflectionVilleroy & Boch Reflection Villeroy _AND_ Boch SentiqueVilleroy & Boch Sentique Villeroy _AND_ Boch SquaroVilleroy & Boch Squaro Villeroy _AND_ Boch SubwayVilleroy & Boch Subway Villeroy _AND_ Boch Subway 2.0Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Villeroy _AND_ Boch True OakVilleroy & Boch True Oak Villeroy _AND_ Boch Up2UVilleroy & Boch Up2U Villeroy _AND_ Boch UppersideVilleroy & Boch Upperside Villeroy _AND_ Boch VariableVilleroy & Boch Variable Villeroy _AND_ Boch Wastes _AND_ AccessoriesVilleroy & Boch Wastes & Accessories

About Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch

Timeless elegance, innovative design and outstanding quality: that is what Villeroy & Boch has stood for since 1748. Designers and product managers develop collections and concepts based on this tradition that shape living environments.

Whether bathroom sanitaryware, tiles, baths, showers or brassware, Villeroy & Boch products distinguish themselves through noble impression, intuitive manageability and long-lasting quality. Let yourself be surprised and convinced by the innovative design made by Villeroy & Boch.


Villeroy & Boch products are made to the highest of standards and therefore come with comprehensive guarantees to back this up – they offer a 5 year guarantee on bathroom sanitaryware (2 years on cistern internals), 10 years on WC seats, 10 years on baths and shower trays, 3 years on whirlpool systems and 2 years on furniture, mirrors and shower enclosures.

Villeroy & Boch Technologies

Villeroy & Boch offer a wide range of technologies that help transform bathrooms from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

CeramicPlus is an easy-clean glaze that can be applied to nearly all Villeroy & Boch ceramic products. This dirt-repellent finish coats the surface of the ceramic and stops dirt and limescale from gripping, leaving a gleaming brilliant shine. Cleaning is much easier than usual as you do not need to use aggressive detergents, simply wipe down with a non-scratch cloth or sponge (with a general purpose cleaner for tougher stains). CeramicPlus is usually applied to order and so will take 2-3 weeks from order.

AntiBac is an antibacterial glaze that can be applied to ceramic items and toilet seats. It has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9% and so is ideal for commercial areas with strict hygiene requirements. AntiBac is applied to order and so will take around 3 weeks from order.

DirectFlush is Villeroy & Boch’s rimless technology for toilets. The rimless design allows for easy, quick cleaning and looks cleaner to the user as well. DirectFlush flushes the entire inner bowl without splashing and produces maximum flushing performance thanks to precise water flow.