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Vado boasts a comprehensive product portfolio of bathroom taps, showers, brassware and kitchen mixers. Many products within the Vado range are specifically designed to be suitable for UK low pressure systems and are backed by a comprehensive 12 year guarantee. Vado products range from traditional mixers to contemporary designs that lead the latest fashion trends of interior design. With over 20 years of experience in the bathroom industry, Vado has built a proud reputation in exceeding customer expectations, and constantly striving to provide the marketplace with innovative and high quality products.

Vado Taps & Showers

About Vado:

With 20 years of experience in the bathroom industry, VADO has built a proud reputation in exceeding customer expectations, and constantly striving to provide the marketplace with innovative and high quality products.

Since 1988 VADO has continuously evolved in designing and developing high quality bathroom products for the domestic and international markets. The company continues to grow internationally, selling to over fifty countries worldwide.

VADO boasts a comprehensive product portfolio including product suitable for UK low pressure systems, with regimental quality assurance and competitive prices.

The products range from traditional mixers to contemporary designs that lead the latest fashion trends of interior design. VADO's dynamic management team cultivate new ideas, flexibility and customer service excellence throughout the organisation.

Vado have identified what makes us who we are in the eyes of our customer. The strong common thread cited by our existing customers is high service levels delivered in a professional and personable manner. Our customer's value being looked after by a family firm who care and do whatever it takes. In working with VADO it's a personal experience that is reliable, enjoyable and cared for.

VADO is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer providing high quality taps, showers, accessories and fittings to customers across the globe. Every product that Vado offer is created and produced around their four core values:


All Vado products are passed through stringent quality assurance processes to ensure that they reach the exacting standards that allow Vado to offer a 12 year guarantee.


Vado products range from traditional mixers, shower valves and accessories to contemporary designs including waterfall style spouts. Handle options in different colours and materials and products that use the latest digital control technology. Vado’s global presence ensures they remain at the cutting edge of international design trends.


Vado pride themselves in delivering outstanding customer service throughout the entire buying process, from initial query, through to delivery and aftersales care.


Vado have a team of people dedicated to developing product ranges that innovate in their form and function. We design products that not only look great but are easy to install, maintain and minimise environmental impact.

Vado & The Environment:

VADO has a passion for creating products that give the ultimate bathing experience yet use water sustainably.

Save Water:

VADO H2Eco flow regulators are designed to regulate and control the flow of water to taps and showers without hampering the performance or the design of the product.

Save Money:

In an average household VADO H2Eco delivers a potential £360 saving on utility bills in one year (source: VADO study). In commercial applications the savings are even greater. The Marriott Hotel group saved almost 41,000 litres of water resulting in an annual reduction of £38,000 in costs after installing VADO H2Eco flow regulators in one hotel.

Save The Planet:

We all want to try and do what we can to help protect the environment. With VADO H2Eco flow regulators fitted to your taps and showers, the savings in water, gas and electricity can reduce your carbon footprint.

This can only be good for the planet.

How To Order Vado H2Eco:

Every VADO tap or shower that can be fitted with a VADO H2Eco flow regulator has this given as a product option in this website, along with the appropriate product code for the flow regulator that you need to order to achieve water saving.

For example:

  • To save up to 80% water usage on a pair of KENSINGTON basin pillar taps you order: KEN-106/CD-C/P and 2x FR-106/4-PLA (2 are required)
  • To save up to 75% water usage with a SOHO basin mixer you order: SOH-100/SB-C/P and FR-100/5-PLA
  • To save up to 75% water usage with a IDENTITY basin mixer you order: IDE-100/SCROLL-C/P and FR-FLEXI/5-PLA (2 are required)
  • To save up to 60% water usage on an AQUABLADE shower head you order: AQB-RO/20-C/P and FR-SHOWER/9-C/P

VADO is not only committed to water saving initiatives but also takes a proactive approach to caring for the environment in other areas too:

ISO 14001:

VADO is committed to environmental performance by taking a holistic approach in measuring and setting objectives in line with ISO14001.

Carbon footprint reduction:

VADO recognises the importance of measuring its carbon footprint and continually aims to reduce its carbon footprint across all its business operations.

Green Achiever:

VADO has been a Green Achiever since 2008. The Green Achiever Award was created to aid companies that act to reduce their impact on the environment.


VADO has been recognised as an organisation committed to effective recycling and awarded a certificate in recognition of this by one of the country’s leading recycling firms.

Vado – It’s A Personal Experience



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