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Carron Baths

Carron baths offer one of the most comprehensive bath collections imaginable, with baths of all shapes, sizes and styles to suit all bathrooms space requirements. Made in Britain, Carron baths are incredibly popular with bathroom specialists and their Carronite reinforced baths are some of the sturdiest baths available in the market.

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Carron By Range:

Carron Baths

Carron manufacture baths for all needs and tastes. From the elegant, luxury Celsius Range to the practical yet sleek Quantum Range.

With the widest range of designs and sizes, Carron is unquestionably the name for baths.

Made In Britain

Carron Bathrooms Ltd. are proud to be associated with the Made in Great Britain marque. The marque is accredited to businesses which sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Great Britain before sale.


Carronite is Carron’s unique, patented manufacturing process. They are so confident in the strength and quality of Carronite that they offer a 30 year manufacturer warranty.

RETAIN HEAT - Carronite baths will retain heat for approx. 30 minutes longer than a standard acrylic bath. This is based on a starting temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and reducing to 45 degrees Celsius.

AMAZINGLY STRONG - Carronite baths are demonstrably stronger than standard acrylic baths. Based on measuring the extent to which a cut section of a bath will bend when a 1kg weight is attached to it. A standard bath with bend to 56mm and the Carronite™ bath will bend to 45mm.

INDUSTRY STANDARD - These results are the reason that more industry professionals would recommend a Carronite bath over any other currently available.

UNIQUE DESIGN - Carronite baths have a unique fitting system; this has been designed to cope with the additional weight of the Carronite™ material. Once installed, the bath’s stability and rigidity prevent movement, thus offering the perfect solution to the problem of sealing.

HOW DOES CARRONITE WORK? - The demonstrable strength of a Carronite bath comes from a unique triple layer reinforcement system. This additional weight means the bath requires to be fitted with a unique fitting system. The combination of the material itself and the fitting system ensure the rigidity and stability of the bath.

ACRYLIC - Carronite baths are warm, durable, high gloss, easy clean finish, formed from 5mm acrylic.
CARRONITE - High technology, rigid reinforcement.
18MM BASEBOARD - Totally encapsulated for total rigidity

Carronite Benefits

STRONGER - Carronite baths are up to 30% stronger than the standard acrylic bath.

LONGER - With a Carronite bath you can enjoy your bath for longer the bath’s unique construction helps retain the heat for up to 30 minutes longer.

PEACE OF MIND - Carron are so confident in their Carronite baths that they offer a 30 year guarantee.