The Shower Lab – Luxury Frameless Shower Enclosures, Doors & Screens

The Shower Lab

The ShowerLab specialise in frameless 10mm thick glass shower enclosures that will look simply stunning in any room setting. With their beautifully minimal shower screens and doors being used in the finest homes and hotels, you can be sure that a shower enclosure from The ShowerLab will help create the bathroom of your dreams.

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The Shower Lab By Range:

ShowerLab ArgonShowerLab Argon ShowerLab ArumShowerLab Arum ShowerLab BariumShowerLab Barium ShowerLab CadmiumShowerLab Cadmium ShowerLab DubniumShowerLab Dubnium ShowerLab EuropiumShowerLab Europium ShowerLab FermiumShowerLab Fermium ShowerLab GalliumShowerLab Gallium ShowerLab IndiumShowerLab Indium ShowerLab IndusShowerLab Indus ShowerLab LithiumShowerLab Lithium ShowerLab NeonShowerLab Neon ShowerLab OsmiumShowerLab Osmium ShowerLab PalladiumShowerLab Palladium ShowerLab PoloniumShowerLab Polonium ShowerLab RadonShowerLab Radon ShowerLab TantalumShowerLab Tantalum ShowerLab TarimShowerLab Tarim ShowerLab TelleniumShowerLab Tellenium ShowerLab TerbiumShowerLab Terbium ShowerLab TheronShowerLab Theron ShowerLab XenonShowerLab Xenon The ShowerLab Walk InThe ShowerLab Walk In