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Clearwater Freestanding Baths & Basins

Clearwater freestanding baths come in a large selection of styles and sizes to suit just about any bathroom setting. Clearwater also have a large range of matching basins and brassware that will allow you to create a luxurious bathroom retreat where you can relax, unwind and soak the day away.

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Clearwater Baths

Clearwater have used international designers to bring together a stunning and elegant range of free-standing baths using the finest materials and engineering. Their innovative material ClearStone has a lustrous finish across modern and classic designs, whereas velvety Natural Stone allows for refined edges and more complex designs across a selection of baths and basins. Choose modern designs that reflect today’s contemporary styles, or Classic free-standing, roll top designs with period style.

All Clearwater baths are designed with simple installation in mind. Full instructions and drawings are available on their website and can be downloaded so the installer can prepare and first fix, ready for when the bath arrives. All Natural Stone and ClearStone baths are carefully packaged for full protection during transit and all Natural Stone and ClearStone baths come with a multi-handle carrier to help handling on site.

Clearwater has years of experience in designing and making free-standing baths and only use the highest quality materials. All baths are designed to provide:

  • A non-toxic and eco-friendly material which is safe on the skin
  • Non-porous, resistant to staining or discolouring
  • Easy Clean material with high resistance against bacteria, mould and dirt
  • Good thermal insulation properties, keeping the water temperature warmer for longer
  • Designed with thin edges to ensure maximum bathing space – a 1600mm Clearstone bath has the equivalent bath space as a 1700mm standard bath
  • One piece solid surface bath
  • Available in both modern and classic designs with a variety of sizes

To co-ordinate with their baths, several designs have matching basins crafted from both ClearStone and Natural Stone, to continue the feeling of luxury throughout your bathroom. Choose from sleek modern designs or Classic shapes to complement your chosen bath. There are also a selection of taps, mixers and wastes to complete your bathroom with.


This advanced, new material is a fusion of milled sedimentary stone bonded by a high performance aluminium and titanium filler base. The result creates a hardwearing, high gloss surface in a brilliant white colour, with exceptional performance engineered to last a lifetime.

Aluminium and titanium compound with a stone carbonate base creates an exceptionally strong material, with a high resistance to scratching or chemical damage.

Moulded polyester polymer coating giving hard wearing high gloss finish.

High strength to weight ratio with most baths weighing under 100kgs.

Thinner, more delicate edge outlines - tapering profiles give an overall softer, more sophisticated appearance.

Natural Stone

The hand polished solid surface material remains a favourite with architects and designers, who appreciate the sharp edging and unique sheen of this material. This unique hand crafted aspect of ‘Natural Stone’ will continue, being best suited for the more radical and complex designs used in baths like the Lacrima, Lonio and Vigore.

These baths offer:

Sharper lines

Hand polished for over ten hours

No unsightly joins

Clean dynamic lines

Small scratches and blemishes can be polished out

The Natural Stone material is suited to the more complex bath shapes