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Duravit are a leading German manufacturer of bathroom basins, toilets, bathroom furniture and brassware. The combination of supreme quality and contemporary design has led to Duravit being specified and used in bathrooms throughout the world.

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Duravit’s rich history of ceramic production reaches back over 200 years. In 1817 Georg Friedrich Horn stared a ceramics factory in Hornberg that focussed on the production of crockery and cookware. Fast forward to the 1950s and production moved to sanitaryware and the Duravit name was introduced to the world of bathrooms.

Today, Duravit is truly a global brand with production plants all over the world and collaborations with a diverse range of leading designers with over 220 design awards across the product range. Despite this, they remain committed to their core values of quality and sustainability with many products still crafted by hand at their ceramic factory and headquarters at Hornberg, in the heart of Germany’s Black Forest.


HygieneGlaze, the antibacterial ceramic glaze

Baked into the ceramic and extending from the interior to the rim of the toilet or urinal, HygieneGlaze is effective in the areas particularly susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria. Moreover, HygieneGlaze inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Duravit’s HygieneGlaze sets an unprecedented hygiene standard. After just six hours, 90% of the bacteria growth (such as escherichia coli), and after 24 hours 99.9% of the bacteria growth are inhibited.